Cherry & Walnut Pure Wood Pellets – 2 x 10kg Bundle Offer

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Fuel for food

Introductory Launch Offer 

10kg Cherry and 10kg Walnut Pure Wood Pellets

We have put this bundle together especially for the portable pizza oven! Both species are versatile and are great to be paired with baked goods making it ideal for cooking pizzas!

  • 100% Premium pure wood pellets
  • Natural flavours. No binders. No fillers.
  • Ideal for pellet grills and portable pizza ovens.
  • Easy to light, with no bark and less ash produced, they are designed to burn longer and hotter, to achieve delicious outdoor cooking results.

Our Pellets are produced from European fresh cut round wood. The wood is debarked, broken down into wood chips and dried in a rotary drum dryer, before crushing into small pieces and compressing into wood pellets with no binders or fillers added.

Our range of pellets are available in a variety of species to infuse your food with smoke flavour.

  • Oak
  • Maple
  • Apple
  • Cherry
  • Chestnut
  • Walnut (European equivalent to Hickory)
  • Acacia (European equivalent to Mesquite)
  • Beech