Anton Ceramic Marble And Harper Champagne Velvet 6 Seater Dining Set

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Anton Ceramic Marble And Harper Champagne Velvet 6 Seater Dining Set

The Anton ceramic marble table has simple lines and a slim profile which compliments the luxurious Harper shell shaped velvet chairs. The Anton Ceramic Marble and Harper Champagne Velvet 6 Seater Dining Set has premium finishes to create a welcoming, comfortable and contemporary dining space.


Sizing specifications you need to know


Table Height 75cm
Table Width 80cm
Table Length 180cm
Width Between Legs 164cm
Width Between Legs - End 72cm


Chair Height 78cm
Chair Width 57cm
Chair Depth 57cm
Chair Seat Height 47cm


Look after your new favourite thing

To clean a ceramic table surface, use a wet sponge and a mild detergent. It’s that simple! Because ceramic is extremely durable, it’s less prone to scratches and stains than a natural stone, like marble, so you can spend less time worrying about the clean-up and more time enjoying mealtimes. Ceramic is scratch resistant which means it won't scratch as easily as some other surfaces, however, try to prevent dragging your big, heavy casserole dishes across the table. To protect the surface further, we'd always recommend you use mats and coasters. To keep your velvet upholstered furniture looking its best, we suggest occasionally vacuuming the material to remove any bits that may be resting on the surface. To clean more stubborn surface marks, mix some dish soap (uncoloured) with some lukewarm water or a specialised fabric cleaner and use a spray bottle to lightly mist the solution over the velvet. Then, use something such as a cotton towel to gently wipe the mark away. Avoid heavy blotting or rubbing as this will potentially damage the surface. We suggest that you try to wipe up any spills with a paper towel or soft cloth as soon as they occur and that you make sure the material is dried thoroughly after cleaning. If the velvet has creases or has been a little squashed in transit, leave it for a few days in a warm environment and the velvet pile will relax. If you would prefer to speed up this process, use a hairdryer on a medium heat, from a distance of around 18in, warm the area and run your hand over the creases and they'll disappear.


How long and what you need. Simple.

The Anton Table will be delivered to you unassembled. Assembly is easy, you just need to attach the legs to the support bar and screw to the frame to the table top. You MUST upturn the table on a soft surface to protect the top and it should never be pivoted on any of the table legs. Make sure you have enough people to help if you are going to construct this piece yourself. The chairs will be delivered unassembled. Assembly is very simple, it's just a case of fixing the frame to the seat using the ready drilled holes and fixings provided.

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