The estimated lead time for this oven is approximately 2-3 weeks, as it is custom-built to fulfill your order.

Meet Charlie, the all-in-one outdoor oven that will transform the way you cook. Combining a charcoal oven, pizza oven, smoker, and barbecue grill, this lifelong piece of British engineering provides restaurant-quality food in all weather.

Inspired by the charcoal ovens used in restaurants, Charlie Ovens are designed to harness the alchemy of fire cooking at home. By burning charcoal in the oven's base, you can reach super-hot temperatures in these well-insulated ovens - or smoke your food low and slow. Weatherproof and built to last, Charlie cooks year-round. Charlie's large chamber with dual cooking racks has plenty of capacity for cooking all sorts of foods.

  • Easy to use - simply light a small amount of charcoal in the bottom, and Charlie comes up to temperature in about 30 minutes. Control the temperature with the two vents, or add more charcoal.
  • Weatherproof - cook outside year-round. Front-opening design minimizes heat loss and the impact of weather conditions.
  • Built to last - made of high-quality carbon steel and stainless steel, with a tough powder-coated exterior.
  • Big and versatile - 2.5 times the capacity of a domestic oven. Comes with two cooking racks that can be placed at nine positions.
  • Fuel-efficient - uses 45% less fuel than an open grill, thanks to a sealed design and superior thermal insulation.
  • A design statement - choose from ten different powder-coated colors, and create a striking outdoor garden design statement.
  • Wheeled - sits on four heavy-duty castors, the front two lockable.
  • Easy to clean - ash simply falls through into the bottom ash drawer, and cooking racks can be cleaned with a wire brush.