Grandhall Maxim G4 + side burner Double liner + infrared back burner island

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Grandhall Maxim G4 Double liner + infrared back burner Island

is the ultimate in style, sophistication and performance!. The Grandhall Maxim G4 BBQ Island offers all the performance from the Maxim G4 gas barbecue and added storage space, creating a unique contemporary design and would look utterly stunning in garden! Not for the faint hearted, this is a serious barbecue for serious barbecue enthusiasts!

Designed with a generous 80 cm. x 44 cm. cooking area which is split into three 19 x 44 cm.  grids and one 19 x 44 cm. hot plate, all cast-iron porcelain coated for both excellent heat retention and easy cleaning. A chrome plated warming rack sits at the back of the cooking are for keeping cooked food warm. 5 gas control knobs are mounted on the front panel along with the electronic push button ignition. With a single touch of a button, the grill fires up using an electronic ignition and reaches cooking temperature within minutes. Any juices dripping between the burners are caught on a galvanized drip tray that can be slide out from the front of the BBQ for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Featuring a infrared back burner which reaches very high temperatures within just a few minutes, searing and sealing the meat quickly giving it a lovely crisp outside and leaving the inside succulent and juicy. fantastic when using a rotisserie thanks to the high temperatures sealing in the juices making rotisserie meats even more delicious.

The infrared back burner is perfect for when rotisserie poultry making them succulent and tasty, whilst the sear burner raises the temperature to help seal in juices and flavour into many foods. The side burner has been designed to give a plush fit against the side shelf so when not in use, the lid can be closed and used as a side shelf for extra preparation space.

Additional information

WEIGHT 40 kg
DIMENSIONS 181.5 × 62 × 119 cm
BARBECUETYPE Island barbecue
BURNERS 1 back burner, 3 burners, Sear burner
FUNCTIONS Electronic push-button ignition, Internal gas tank holderr, Side Burner, Thermometer
GRILLSURFACE 80 x 44.8 cm
IGNITOR Electric
MATERIAL Powder coated steel
KW BBQ 16.8



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