Fraser Extending Glass Table And Clara Velvet Chair Set

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Fraser Extending Glass Table And Clara Velvet Chair Set

The Fraser Extending Glass Table and Clara Velvet Chair Set seats 6 to 8 people around a modern dark grey glass dining table. The Fraser glass table extends uses an innovative rotating mechanism to easily extend without the need to remove items on the surface, and for this set we've teamed it with the super comfortable Clara velvet dining chairs, for a modern and vibrant look.


Sizing specifications you need to know


Chair Height 93cm
Chair Depth 63cm
Chair Seat Height 49cm
Chair Seat Width 50cm
Chair Seat Depth 46cm


Table Extending Height 75cm
Table Extending Width 100cm
Table Extending Length 1 130cm
Table Extending Length 2 190cm
Base Dimensions 55cm x 55cm


Look after your new favourite thing

The number one tip for looking after a tempered glass table surface is a pretty obvious one, but it’s so important to not place or use abrasive materials on the table as this will scratch its beautifully smooth surface. We always suggest using placemats and coasters each meal time, as this will give the surface that extra layer of protection. To clean a tempered glass table, spray a non-abrasive glass cleaner onto a lint-free cloth and gently rub the glass clean in a circular motion. Then, with a dry microfiber cloth, buff the surface until it’s dry. You can also use soapy lukewarm water and dish soap to give the table a good clean, but make sure you wipe away the soapy residue off of the glass to avoid leaving water marks. To clean the table legs, all you need is a soft microfibre damp cloth. Do not use any harsh chemical based cleaners as this will potentially damage the surface - water will do just the trick. A mild detergent like washing up liquid is ideal for cleaning up more stubborn marks and it’s always best to wipe up any spills as soon as they occur. To keep your velvet upholstered furniture looking its best, we suggest occasionally vacuuming the material to remove any bits that may be resting on the surface. To clean more stubborn surface marks, mix some dish soap (uncoloured) with some lukewarm water or a specialised fabric cleaner and use a spray bottle to lightly mist the solution over the velvet. Then, use something such as a cotton towel to gently wipe the mark away. Avoid heavy blotting or rubbing as this will potentially damage the surface. We suggest that you try to wipe up any spills with a paper towel or soft cloth as soon as they occur and that you make sure the material is dried thoroughly after cleaning.


How long and what you need. Simple.

As with all of our dining tables, the Fraser is delivered unassembled. We do this to make the products as streamlined as possible for transport, ensuring that it gets to you in great condition. While the Fraser Table is very simple to assemble, we do recommend you take special care during assembly. To assemble the table, screw the penny base to the pedestal using the fittings provided, then screw the metal bars onto the pedestal. Position the glass top on the pedestal bars and tighten with the fittings included. We recommend you get a couple of friends around to help you as the table is very heavy. Once in position, you can adjust the main centre piece to fit the leaves, instructions are provided. The chairs will be delivered fully assembled, so they're ready to use straight out of the box.

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