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GIORIK SETE101DF 10 X 1/1GN - pass thru electric chicken combi oven with wash system

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This Giorik Rooster Booster SETE101DFPass thru combi oven has been designed for cooking chickens and other fatty products to the most stringent hygiene standards reducing cross contamination between raw and cooked food. . It has an outside fat collection tray - this prevents fat from entering your drainage system and burning inside the oven while cooking - so reducing smoke and possible tainting of the food being cooked. It has easy to use programmable Touchscreen controls, an inbuilt wash system, core cooking probe with Delta T and multi level cooking programme.


"Pass Thru" Oven - allows raw and cooked product to be kept apart for highest hygiene standards
External fat collection tray - prevents grease going into drains and fat "burning" inside the oven - fitted with a drain off valve for easy emptying
Holds 10 x 1/1gn containers at 75mm shelf centres
Capacity - 24 x 1.2kg birds (48 per hour production)
Steamtuner system (Dry or Wet steam) - allows you to adjust the quality and quantity of steam according to density of product being cooked, ideal for dense products like Carrots and Potatoes
Meteo humidity system - the humidity is constantly monitored and will only add more water if required, this can save upto 30% on water consumption
Touchscreen programmable controls - 100 preset recipes with the ability to store 200 recipes - with upto 9 phases of cooking in each programme.
Inbuilt wash system - inbuilt automatic washing system, choice of tablet wash or liquid wash - choice of 4 timed cycles - Soft (1hr), Normal (1.3hr), Intense (1.5hr), Hard (2.3hr), - Water consumption Soft (12 ltrs+ 0.2ltr of detergent), Normal (21 ltr + 0.3 ltr of detergent), Intense (25 ltr + 0.4 ltr of detergent), Hard (28 ltr + 0.45 ltr of detergent)
Multi level cooking - each of the shelves can be set with their own timer, this allows different product types to be cooked at the same time - eg breakfast menu
6 speed cooking fan fitted with automatic fan reverser - gives even cooking results - no need to turn pan around!
Supplied with core cooking probe as standard with "Delta T" cooking mode
Fitted with retractable wash shower
Fitted with a USB port - this allows menus to be uploaded into the oven from a USB stick, it also allows quick loading of updated software.
Interior of oven has radiused corners and removable oven racks for easy cleaning.
Fitted with adjustable humidity controls - ideal for baking
Fitted with timer 0 - 120 minutes or continuous setting
Thermostatically controlled Temperature range 50 - 300'C
All stainless steel construction

Dedicated Chicken combi oven, with external fat collection system, multi level cooking, wash system and Touchscreen programmable controls - stand included 

Chicken capacity - upto 24 x 1.2kg birds  (48 per hour)