Grill grate kit - two 13.75" (34.92cm) panels + free grillgrate tool

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Two Panels form a 13.75" x 10.5" (34.92 x 26.68Cm) Surface. Includes GrateTool. Great starter set gift. Perfect for couples.

  • Juicier More Tender Meats
  • Perfect Sear Marks Every Time
  • Great for Fish, Pizza and Vegetables
  • Easy Cleanup, Season with Use




Constructed of aircraft grade aluminum and then hard anodized to a create a surface hardness that is twice that of stainless steel. Will never rust and seasons with use. The GrateTool is included. Easily add additional panels at any time. GrillGrates are made in the USA, The GrateTool is imported from China. Patent Pending.


Here is just a sample of barbecues and by no means an exhaustive list which in most cases this GrillGrate kit is suitable for. We strongly advise that you check the measurement of your barbecue cooking area / current cooking grids before purchasing to ensure you have the correct fit as the data held below is based on measurements provided by manufacturers however these can vary and we cannot be held responsible if these measurements are not correct

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