Kiln Dried Hardwood Mixed Sized Logs – Oak, Ash, Beech, Birch

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Fuel for Food

Our kiln dried hardwood logs are available in Oak, Ash, Beech or Birch and come in a variety of sizes from quarter logs to smaller pieces.

These wood species have been specially selected as both are ideal for use with our Naples, Verona, Milano ovens and any other wood fired ovens!

Each box contains approx. 12kg of mixed sized logs.

Oak – Slow burning, it creates a lot of embers making it great for roasting or baking. 

Ash – Ignites quicker and burns hotter for longer.

Beech – Infuses a sweet smokey taste to food and is perfect for cooking pizza and bread in your oven!

Birch – Burns hot and fast with very little smoke, making it ideal for cooking pizzas.

Great for use with the Naples, Verona, Milano & Roma ovens!