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MORELLO FORNI FGR gas dome pizza oven - rotating oven floor

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FGR ovens are equipped with two independent gas burners, one heating their dome, the other heating their rotating bedplate.
FGRs are part of rotating oven’s family, their motorized bedplate with variable speed and direction results in quicker and homogeneous baking.
Auxiliary gas burners under the rotating bedplate increase oven base’s thermal stability, for quicker and more even baking results.
Rotating bedplate gas burners increase oven base’s thermal stability, for quicker and more even baking results.
The huge refractory mass and extra careful thermal insulation are designed to increase oven’s efficiency, lower operating costs and heat loss.
Dual operating mode: manual – user selects work temperature and manually adjusts flame intensity by means of its modulator; auto (touch screen versions only) – system control raises or lowers flame intensity according to set temperature, thusly lowering consumption and making oven easier to operate.
Patented automatic dirt cleaning system around the revolving bedplate.

Standard variant can be finished in painted metal or stainless steel.
Cupola and Volcano variants are made of an extra insulating clay based shell to improve oven’s insulation.
Same Cupola or Volcano variants can be finished with colored microporous plaster (Coccio Pesto), with natural stone mosaic, or customer-supplied ceramic tiles.
Optional analog control system with thermostatic temperature control available upon request.
Special “Sorrentino” baking bedplates, for “napoletana” pizza or bread, available upon request.
Optional brick-like arch on oven’s front, for Standard and Cupola variants sized 100,110,130,150.
Wide natural stones colors and combinations choice for Mosaic finishes.