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MORELLO FORNI FGRI hybrid gas/wood dome pizza oven - rotating oven floor

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The Morello Forni FGRI traditional hybrid gas/wood fired dome pizza oven, with 4 sizes and 5 dome styles to choose from, is a traditional style oven but with a rotating oven floor and the latest generation of electronic temperature controls to give high volumes and consistent cooking results. The oven refractory floor and ceramic inner wall maintains high heat temperatures allowing even and quick cooking. These ovens can be used for a variety of foods not just pizza.

Hybrid design - can be used with gas only, gas and wood combined or wood only
Style - choice of 2 dome styles to choose from - Basic painted Dome or Dome with Mosaic finish - Look in downloads for finish options
Rotating Refractory stone floor - gives consistent cooking results creating genuine Italian style pizzas
Quick & easy - Rotating floor makes Loading and unloading quick and easy increasing oven output
Electronic touchscreen controls - allows you to set speed and direction of the rotating floor, set temperature and time and 3 programmable settings can be selected
Fitted with 2 independently controlled gas burners - one to oven interior and below oven floor, this gives faster heat up times and even temperature inside the oven chamber for consistent cooking results
Choice of 4 diameters for rotating floor - 1000, 1100, 1300, or 1500mm
Pizza capacity - (300mm dia) - 6, 7, 10, 14, or 16
Output per hour - 100, 120, 170, or 240
A metal guard separates wood and gas burning areas
Improved wood consumption - an external metal drawer collects ashes and debris falling from the cooking chamber allowing better combustion
If using wood please consult your local Environmental office for any restrictions that may apply - a different extraction system maybe needed
4 choices of Rotating oven floor sizes; 1000, 1100, 1300 or 1500mm

Burners inside the oven and below the rotating floor

Output pizzas/hour (300mm dia); 100, 120, 170, 240 or 290

Choice of 2 dome styles - Image shows Mosaic Dome and Painted dome finish


Painted dome colour

Mosaic finishes