Nala Dark Oak And Clover Champagne Velvet Chair Set

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Nala Dark Oak And Clover Champagne Velvet Chair Set

The Nala Dark Oak and Clover Champagne Velvet Chair Set combines a gorgeous dark wood table with the classic, neutral velvet dining chairs. The Nala dining table has a hint of industrial chic which is offset perfectly by the elegant mid-century style Clover velvet dining chairs. The champagne velvet upholstery teamed with the dark wood gives this dining set gives this dining set its luxurious good looks.



Sizing specifications you need to know


Chair Height 80cm
Chair Width 50cm
Chair Depth 58cm
Chair Seat Height 48cm


Table Height 76cm
Table Width 90cm
Table Length 180cm
Distance Between Legs 115cm
Overhang 22cm


Look after your new favourite thing

It’s important to protect your wood veneer table top as the steam and heat from very hot dishes can, over time, loosen the glue holding the veneer to the surface underneath. This is very easy to avoid by simply using placemats and coasters each meal time. It’s best to wipe up any spill immediately as liquids can seep through the veneer table top and loosen the glue. Don’t use a sponge as this will more than likely just spread the liquid. Instead, use a paper towel or a clean dish cloth making sure the table is dried after cleaning. To clean the matt painted legs use a soft microfibre damp cloth to wipe any marks away, without applying too much pressure. We’d strongly advise against using harsh chemical based cleaners as this will damage the material finish. To keep your velvet upholstered furniture looking its best, we suggest occasionally vacuuming the material to remove any bits that may be resting on the surface. To clean more stubborn surface marks, mix some dish soap (uncoloured) with some lukewarm water or a specialised fabric cleaner and use a spray bottle to lightly mist the solution over the velvet. Then, use something such as a cotton towel to gently wipe the mark away. If the velvet has creases, use a hairdryer on a mid-setting and gently run your hand over the area, or leave in a warm room. After a couple of days the velvet will relax and creases will disappear.


How long and what you need. Simple.

As with all of our dining tables, this piece is delivered unassembled. We do this to make the products as streamlined as possible for transport, ensuring that it gets to you in great condition. In this case, all you need to do is fix the legs to the table top, being sure to protect the surface when the table is upturned. Please note the table is very heavy so it will take two or three people to turn the table upright. We don't recommend you pivot the table when turning upright as this may damage it. The table will come with full assembly instructions and fittings. These are fully assembled dining chairs so they come right out the box and are ready for use. As soon as they are delivered you are ready to start using them. All we ask is that you keep hold of the packing until you are sure that you are going to keep the chairs, that way you can make full use of our Total Satisfaction Guarantee, should you decide for any reason that you would like to return the chairs.