Ophelia 3 Seater Dark Grey Velvet And Chrome Bench With Backrest

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Ophelia 3 Seater Dark Grey Velvet And Chrome Bench With Backrest

Ophelia grey velvet dining bench with backrest will comfortably seat 3 people. The back panelled detail add a designer touch and the variety of leg finishes means the bench will fit into a variety of interiors.


Sizing specifications you need to know

Bench Height 86cm
Bench Length 150cm
Bench Depth 60cm
Seat Height 46cm
Seat Depth 45cm
Height Of Legs 31cm
Weight Bearing 200kg


Look after your new favourite thing

To keep your velvet upholstered furniture looking its best, we suggest occasionally vacuuming the material to remove any bits that may be resting on the surface. To clean more stubborn surface marks, mix some dish soap (uncoloured) with some lukewarm water or a specialised fabric cleaner and use a spray bottle to lightly mist the solution over the velvet. Then, use something such as a cotton towel to gently wipe the mark away.

Avoid heavy blotting or rubbing as this will potentially damage the surface. We suggest that you try to wipe up any spills with a paper towel or soft cloth as soon as they occur and that you make sure the material is dried thoroughly after cleaning.

If the velvet has creases or has been a little squashed in transit, leave it for a few days in a warm environment and the velvet pile will relax. If you would prefer to speed up this process, use a hairdryer on a medium heat, from a distance of around 18in, warm the area and run your hand over the creases and they'll disappear.


How long and what you need. Simple.

Assembly of this dining bench is really simple, all you need to do it attach the legs to the underside of the bench seat using the instructions and fittings provided.

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