Palermo Grey And Cambra 6 Seater Outdoor Dining Set

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Palermo Grey And Cambra 6 Seater Outdoor Dining Set

Perfect for garden parties, the Palermo Grey 6 Seater Pedestal Garden Table with Cambra chair set will bring everyone together this summertime. The frosted glass table surface gives this garden table such a sleek and designer look, while the pedestal base and powder coated aluminium frame make the table both practical and durable. Bring luxury to the outdoors with the Cambra dining chair. A deep-seat with curved backrest, the Cambra is cushioned, designed with weatherproof fabric and finished in a practical matt. Perfect seating for entertaining at a garden party or just a small family BBQ.


A breakdown of your garden set


Sizing specifications you need to know

Palermo Grey 6 Seater Pedestal Garden Table

Height 75cm
Width 90cm
Length 160cm

Cambra Outdoor Dining Chair

Height 76cm
Width 58cm
Depth 61cm
Seat Height 41cm
Seat Width 45cm
Seat Depth 45cm
Weight Bearing 120kg


Look after your new favourite thing

To clean the etched glass table top, all you need to do is spray the glass lightly with a good quality, non-streaking window cleaner. Then, wipe the table top over with a clean, soft lint-free towel. This, combined with the aluminium frame, makes this table very low maintenance and easy to keep looking it’s best.

To clean the powder coated leg frame of your table, simply wash the surface with soapy water. For more stubborn or greasy marks, you can add a mild household acid such as vinegar or lemon juice. Stay away from any ammonia, TSP or soda-based products as this can encourage further oxidation on the surface. It’s a good idea to use your garden hose to give your aluminium a good rinse. If you do this, avoid using a pressure washer or a strong setting on a garden hose nozzle as such a strong and focused stream of water could damage the furniture’s finish. A normal garden hose will do just the trick.

The cushions have been treated with a showerproof covering which means water and spills can be wiped off of the surface easily. The showerproof coating is suitable for light rain, however, we do recommend bringing the cushions inside during bad weather.


How long and what you need. Simple.

To assemble the Palermo table, you’ll need to attach the base to the pedestal and then the pedestal to the table top. Be sure to protect the glass surface and avoid pivoting the table on its corners. Instructions and fittings will be provided with your delivery.

This Cambra is delivered unassembled. We do this to make the product as streamlined as possible for transport, ensuring that it gets to you in great condition. Assembly is very easy using the instructions and fittings provided.

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