Palm Dark Grey Pizza Oven Stand

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Palm Dark Grey Pizza Oven Stand

Creating an outdoor kitchen has never been easier. The Palm garden range is the perfect solution to bring your kitchen into the garden. Fitted with handy hooks and space to store doughs, alongside room for a gas canister or wood, the shelves are a useful space so that your pizza is oven ready to use with ease. This pizza stand is ideal for those dinner parties and get togethers.



Sizing specifications you need to know

Length 65cm
Width 65cm
Height 91cm
Weight 17.8kg


Look after your new favourite thing

To clean the powder coated leg frame of the Palm garden bar range, simply wash the surface with soapy water. For more stubborn or greasy marks, you can add a mild household acid such as vinegar or lemon juice. Stay away from any ammonia, TSP or soda-based products as this can encourage oxidation on the surface. From time to time and before you store your furniture away for winter, it’s a good idea to use your garden hose to give the aluminium a good rinse. If you do this, avoid using a pressure washer or a strong setting on a garden hose nozzle as such a strong and focused stream of water could damage the furniture’s finish. A normal garden hose will do just the trick.

To move the bar table and cabinet we recommend you pick them up, rather than drag into position. This will protect your garden patio or decking as well as protecting the feet, keeping them looking as good as new for longer.

To clean the polywood surface, all you should need is soap and warm water. However, for a deeper clean, you can use a solution that’s one-third bleach and two-thirds water. Use a brush with soft bristles to reach any tight spaces and a soft cloth for cleaning the overall piece of furniture. The polywood surface can withstand heats up to 115°C, however, we do not advise putting hot items directly onto the surface. In full sunlight light can refract through glasses causing a concentrated heat source which can damage the surface. For this reason we don’t recommend glassware is stored on the top surface for long periods of time.


How long and what you need. Simple.

To keep it streamlined and well-protected for transportation, the Palm garden range will be delivered unassembled. Assembly is simple, using the fittings and instructions provided.

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