Sanza White Gloss And Loop 7 Seater Left Hand Corner Bench Dining Complete Set

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Sanza White Gloss And Loop 7 Seater Left Hand Corner Bench Dining Set

As well as being surprisingly streamlined and smooth, the Sanza dining table also has elegant brushed stainless steel feet, adding a quiet detail. This is a great coordinating feature with the chrome legs of the Loop bench, further accenting the dining sets modern look.


Sizing specifications you need to know

Table Extending Height 75cm
Table Extending Width
Un-Extended Length 130cm
With Extension Length 180cm


Look after your new favourite thing

For care and maintenance of your faux leather dining bench, we recommend doing a regular, very mild clean with some warm water and washing up liquid. This will stop the marks from general wear and tear building up over time and making the surface of the seats look grubby. When cleaning faux leather, try to remember that scrubbing the surface will crack the leather rather than help to remove the mark. Instead, use a damp cloth and apply a gentle amount of pressure in a circular motion. Our white gloss dining tables have such a bright and lovely shine, and believe it or not, it is such an easy finish to clean and maintain. For general cleaning, all you need is a soft microfibre damp cloth to wipe any marks away. Do not use any harsh chemical based cleaners as this will potentially damage the surface- water will do just the trick. For cleaning up the more stubborn or greasy marks caused by food and drink, try using a mild detergent like washing up liquid. As with any table surface, we always suggest using placemats and coasters as this just gives the glossy table surface that extra layer of protection against scratching and general wear and tear. If you’d like some more information, head over to our Lifestyle blog for more tips and tricks on how to clean both white gloss and faux leather.


How long and what you need. Simple.

The Loop Corner Benches are delivered in two parts, with the legs for both benches seperate from the seats. Constructing the bench is very simple, it’s just a case of attaching the legs using the tools and instructions provided. Then, all you need to do is link the two benches with the hardware on the sides. As with all of our dining tables, the Sanza Dining Table will be delivered to you unassembled. To construct this piece, the pedestal has to fix to the top and then the feed to the pedestal base. The Sanza is quite heavy so make sure you’ve got enough people to help put the table together. It’s also really important that the table is lifted and not pivoted on the feet.