Stroud 4 Burner Outdoor Kitchen + Fontana Margherita Anthracite Build In Gas Pizza Oven

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The Stroud 4 Burner Outdoor Kitchen

You can really turn up the heat with the Stroud range, take grilling to the next level, cook with precision. What is so great about this modular kitchen is that you can change the layout, each section can be moved to make your own design, please note you do need to keep your gas bottle on the right hand side of the BBQ at all times and your fridge should never be placed next to the BBQ.

This freestanding BBQ system comes with multiple grills, which are interchangeable giving the great ability to cook various food selections at one time. The Stroud BBQ also comes with a stainless steel hood and the infra red back and side burners to create a great stable heat source for thoroughly cooking your food. Each section is made from stainless steel which is a great high grade material as it is resistant to oxidisation and corrosion, whilst the counter tops are finished with a laminate which is a strong and robust product that is wear resistant, chemical resistant, scratch resistant and UV resistant.


  • Stainless Steel - Hygienic Material
  • 4x Premium Stainless Steel Burners
  • Ceramic Infrared Back and Side Burners
  • Laminate Marble Effect Counter Tops
  • Includes Hot/Cold Sink Tap
  • Bin Included under Sink
  • AA Battery Required for Ignition 
  • Free Standing Units
  • Modular Designed
  • Levelling Legs for Adjusting Heights to be level

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        Fontana Margherita Anthracite Build In Gas Pizza Oven


        The Fontana Anthracite Margherita Gas Oven is beautifully designed high quality and high performance gas fired oven with a large 60×60 cm cooking chamber and manufactured almost entirely from 304 grade stainless steel. In addition, the Margherita also comes with wood-holder plate, fire tool, 304 grade stainless steel flue pipe with adjustable smoke exit valve & chimney top and a cooking chamber door.

        For Neapolitan pizza lovers, the Anthracite Margherita Gas oven allows you to cook pizza at 850°F / 454.4°C without burning the bottom of the dough. The Margherita build-in is not only efficient, it is also compact. This makes it an ideal choice for those who want an outdoor oven without taking up too much space. Above all, you’re not just limited to making pizza! The Margherita build-in also excels at cooking & roasting meats, veggies, breads, & desserts. And because it is a Fontana, you can rest assured that it is engineered to perform & built to last.

        The fire floor surface is a high quality refractory chamotte, perfect for food use. Furthermore, the external surface of the Margherita gas oven is electro-galvan steel  with high temperature paint. This is for the maximum resistance to heat and the weather elements. Temperature stability and heat retention is achievable by using high performance natural rock wool insulation. This ensures that the external surface of the oven does not becomes too hot. You can cook your pizzas to perfection!

        This Margherita is available in 2 eye catching finishes:

        • Anthracite
        • Stainless Steel

        What are you waiting for? Finally show off to your friends and family and go and make a mouth watering pizza which bursts with flavour!

        Features and Specifications:

        • Type of fuel: Gas / LPG – PROPANE
        • Chimney diameter: 140mm
        • External Dimensions: 85.5 x 78 x 114cm
        • Weight: 105kg
        • Cooking chamber size: 60 x 60 x 34c
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