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TecnoRoast Charcoal Barbecue with Rotisserie for 40 Skewers

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If you are a fan of arrosticini or skewer recipes, then this TecnoRoast charcoal barbecue is a must-have. It has a mechanism that will hold up to 40 skewers and will automatically rotate them to ensure even cooking. No need to stand over hot coals, slaving away to achieve perfect results – the hard work is done for you!

The rotisserie mechanism tilts away from the charcoal trough for loading. The skewer holders are 25mm apart and when loaded with skewers, the mechanism can be tilted over the heat and will rotate the skewers at 2 RPM.

This is a quality Italian made, 430 grade stainless steel barbecue.

The choice of kebabs is endless, encompassing Middle Eastern flavours, Turkish, Greek and other Mediterranean cultures. You may also like to toast marshmallows, pineapple, other fruits for a dessert kebab.

Easy to use, you simply add charcoal to the trough and wait for the embers to turn white then sprinkle coarse salt over the coals to lower the heat before use.

The rotisserie has a powerful battery operated mechanism (requires 2 x D type batteries, not supplied). So no cables to trip over!

Clean the mechanism including Teflon bushings and skewer supports using a standard stove grease remover after use and remove any cooled ash with a small shovel. Store in a dry place when not in use. To maintain the rotisserie mechanism simply lubricate it every month or 10 hours of work, in accordance with the instructions.

This TecnoRoast BBQ will require assembling and comes with full instructions.

Coal grill with mechanism of 40 pieces, for automatic rotation of Arrosticini and skewers, even cooking…they twist themselves

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 125 × 25 × 100 cm
Power Transmission

Available with 220V – 3.5 Watt or 110V – 5 Watt or Battery 3.5V – 5 Watt

Quantity of Skewers / Arrosticini


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Lead time time is about 10 working days