Bull Outdoor Kitchen 3M Island

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Bull Outdoor Kitchen 3M Island

Item No: #31013M

This 3M Outdoor Kitchen island is one of our most popular and most complete outdoor barbecue kitchens. This design provides a backyard entertainment centre and the space to handle all of your outdoor grilling needs. This is the ultimate grilling & entertaining station.

  • Standard Specifications:

    Recommended Use: Commercial / Residential

    Grill Type as Standard (Angus #47628 / #47629)

    Standard Fridge (#11002CE)

    Stucco Base Standard

    Tile Top: 30cm x 30cm with Bullnose

    Single Tone or 2-Tone

    Horizontal Access Door with Lock & Key (#89970)

    Power Outlet & Switch

    Sink & Faucet 

    Base Footprint Size: 280 x 70 cm

    Top Size: 300 x 80 cm


    Packing Dimensions

    Wooden Crate Lenght: 278cm

    Wooden Crate Width: 100cm

    Wooden Crate Height: 212cm

    Wooden Crate Cube: 5.89M³

    Complete Crated Weight: Stucco 400.00Kg / Rock 515.00Kg

    Standard Features:
    • Angus 4 Burner Grill
    • Stucco Base
    • Tile Counter
    • 789mm Top Depth
    • Stainless Steel Refrigerator
    • Stainless Steel Access Door
    • Stainless Steel Sink & Faucet
    • GFCI Outlet

    SKU 3M Island