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Whistler Cirencester Double door fridge

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Planning your outdoor kitchen?

The Whistler Cirencester range offers you flexibility in your design. The 45° and 90°-degree corner units allow you to adapt your kitchen to your outdoor space. Once you have decided on your configuration, you can simply attach the units together with butterfly screws. Whistler have made it possible for you to add a gas cylinder holder into the 90-degree cabinet, allowing you to hide the bottle deep within the corner, giving the finished kitchen a sleek and tidy look.

Brand new countertop work surface

Whistler has introduced a brand new Laminam countertop material to the 2021 Cirencester range. This high-quality robust material has been used for the following reasons:

Scratch resistant: Laminam is highly scratch and abrasion resistant.

High strength: Due to its excellent mechanical properties, Laminam is suitable for demanding applications like work tops.

Wear resistant: The properties of the slab remain unchanged after intensive use and frequent cleaning.

Chemical resistant: Laminam resists organic and inorganic solvents, providing an exceptionally durable stain resistant surface.

UV resistant: It does not contain organic pigments and is resistant to UV rays. The colours remain stable even when subjected to severe climate change.

Hygienic surface: Because Laminam does not allow the formation of mold, bacteria and fungi, it is perfectly suitable for food preparation areas.


Stylish Black Laminam countertops

Compressor refrigerator, Capacity: 228L

Elegant #304 grade brushed stainless steel exterior finish

Low noise operation

Adjustable thermostat

Durable #304 grade mirror stainless steel interior finish

Double glazed glass doors with lock

Height adjustable feet

Internal led lights

Supplied fully assembled


Product Dimensions: 905mm x 605mm x905mm (LxWxH)

Packaging dimension: 960*640*1015mm

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