Beefeater Proline Griller Pack

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Beefeater BBQs From Qubox

The Beefeater Proline Griller Pack is a great addition to the Proline Built-In Flat BBQ or Roaster BBQ. This state of the art pack features a full set of cast iron grill grates with V shaped grill bars and stainless steel vapourisers. The angled grill bars channel grease and oil into the waste management system for minimum maintenance and easy cleaning while supplying high temperature cooking and maximum heat retention. The stainless steel vapourisers sit underneath the grills to provide full flavour to your food. 

Please Note This Griller Pack Will Not Fit Any Other BBQ Model.

Beefeater Proline Griller Pack Features

  • Full Cast Iron Grills With V-Shape Bars
  • Stainless Steel Vapourisers
  • Manufactured to Fit Proline Model BBQs
  • Easy cleaning & maintenance