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Bull BBQ Outdoor Kitchen Islands- Power Q - Standard

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Bull Power - Q Outdoor Kitchen Island

Item No: #31006

The Power Q - Outdoor Kitchen is a wonderful addition to any smaller backyard or patio area. It comes standard with a refrigerator to keep your beverages and food cold for all your entertainment needs, while the counter space is great for preparing your favourite recipes.

Standard Specifications:
Standard Features POWER Q
#31006 (Stucco)
#31007 (Rock) 
Recommended Use Commercial
Grill Type as Standard


Grill Frame as (Optional) #49328
Upgrades and Downgrades
of Optional Grills within
the same size
kithcen structure

Bison #67529
Lonestar #87048/9

Standard Fridge #11002  
Stucco Base STD  
Rock Base 
(STD on 31007
NA on 31006)
Upgrade Base Option
(Only for #31006 Stucco)

Stucco Rock #12397

Base Tile Trim
Ugrade #12406

Tile Top 30cm x 30cm
Bullnose Single Tone
or 2-Tone
Power Outlet & Switch  
Upgrade from Tile Top
to Solid Gres Coverlam
and Stainless Steel 
Horizontal Access Door
with Lock and Key #89970
Upgrade S/Steel Lining with 
middle shelf for above
Upgradeable doors
Angus Match

Vertical Door #89975
Double Doors #33568
Dr/Drw Combo #25876
Trash/Door Combo #65784

Upgrade S/Steel Lining with 
middle shelf for above

Vertical Door #LINVD
Double Door #LINDD
Combos #LINCO76

Upgradeable Drawers 
Single Drawer #09970
can fit
only with #89970

Single Drawer #09970
Large Drawer #?????
Double Drawer #56985
Trash Drawer #55712

Side Burners (Optional) #60008
Sink & Faucet  
Fridge (Optional) #13700
Bar Caddy (Optional)  
Cutting  Board (Optional) #66007
Bottle Opener
(Optional #66006)

Large Vertical Door Option
for side gas Bottle Insertion.
No Linings Possible.

#89978 Left
Structure Dimensions  
Base Footprint Size 176cm x 70cm
Top Size 195cm x 79cm



Warranty Details POWER Q
#31006 (Stucco)
#31007 (Rock) 
Island Structure 2 years
Kitchen Top 2 years
Glass Flexi Hose
*as per International Gas
Safety Regulation, must
be replaced every 2 years
2 years
Packing Dimensions  
Wooden Crate Length 213 cm
Wooden Crate Width 92 cm
Wooden Crate Height 200 cm
Wooden Crate Cube 3.46M³
Complete Crated Weight (#31006) 270kg
Complete Crated Weight (#31007) 350kg

Standard Features:
  • Angus 4 Burner Grill
  • Stucco Base
  • Tile Counter
  • Stainless Steel Access Door
  • Stainless Steel Refrigerator
  • GFCI Outlet

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