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Bull Outdoor Kitchen Islands - Master-Q- Standard Render Finish

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Bull Master - Q Outdoor Kitchen Island

Item No: #31004

The Master Q BBQ Island is perfect for a more compact backyard or patio with great entertainment capabilities. It will become the center of your outdoor cooking and entertainment and inspire the ultimate grilling experience on this elite stainless steel gas grill island.

Standard Specifications:
Standard Features
Master Q
#31004 (Stucco)
#31005 (Rock) 
Recommended Use
Grill Type as Standard
Grill Frame as (Optional)
Upgrades and Downgrades
of Optional Grills within
the same size
kithcen structure

Bison #67529
Lonestar #87048/9

Standard Fridge #11002
Stucco Base STD
Rock Base 
(STD on 31007
NA on 31006)
Upgrade Base Option
(Only for #31006 Stucco)

Stucco Rock #12397

Base Tile Trim
Ugrade #12406

Tile Top 30cm x 30cm
Bullnose Single Tone
or 2-Tone
Power Outlet & Switch
Upgrade from Tile Top
to Solid Gres Coverlam
and Stainless Steel 
Horizontal Access Door
with Lock and Key #89970
Upgrade S/Steel Lining with 
middle shelf for above
Upgradeable doors
Angus Match

Vertical Door #89975
Double Doors #33568
Dr/Drw Combo #25876
Trash/Door Combo #65784

Upgrade S/Steel Lining with 
middle shelf for above

Vertical Door #LINVD
Double Door #LINDD
Combos #LINCO76

Upgradeable Drawers 
Single Drawer #09970
can fit
only with #89970

Single Drawer #09970
Large Drawer #?????
Double Drawer #56985
Trash Drawer #55712

Side Burners (Optional)
Sink & Faucet
Fridge (Optional)
Bar Caddy (Optional)
Cutting  Board (Optional)
Bottle Opener
(Optional #66006)

Large Vertical Door Option
for side gas Bottle Insertion.
No Linings Possible.

Structure Dimensions
Base Footprint Size
126cm x 70cm
Top Size
170cm x 78cm
Warranty Details
master Q
#31005 (Rock) 
Island Structure
2 years
Kitchen Top
2 years
Glass Flexi Hose
*as per International Gas
Safety Regulation, must
be replaced every 2 years
2 years
Packing Dimensions
Wooden Crate Length
188 cm
Wooden Crate Width
92 cm
Wooden Crate Height
200 cm
Wooden Crate Cube
Complete Crated Weight (#31006)
Complete Crated Weight (#31007)

Standard Features:
  • Angus 4 Burner Grill
  • Stucco Base
  • Tile Counter
  • Stainless Steel Access Door
  • Stainless Steel Refrigerator
  • GFCI Outlet

    SKU 31004