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Open Mon-Saturday 9am-5pm | Same Day Inquiry... 📞 01865 570148 ✉️ / Best to send an email if the lines are busy.

Cabinex Beefeater 1600S Series 5 Burner Outdoor Kitchen

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£8,365.50 - £8,365.50
Current price £8,365.50

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SKU CABODK519952- 1600S5

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Cabinex ™ Beefeater 1600S Series 5 Burner Outdoor Kitchen

Our top-of-the-range Cabinex Beefeater 1600S Series 5 Burner Outdoor Kitchen is beautiful and functionality combined with market-leading appliances are brought together to make your Outdoor BBQ kitchen everything you’ve ever wanted.  Technology and design are combined to offer a cabinetry system that is a pioneer in its class. PVC panels combined with the Cabinex ™ patented aluminum framing system form a rigid and robust cabinetry solution, ready to cope with the rigors of outdoor entertaining. The cabinets are also fully weatherproof and supported by a 5-year limited warranty. 

The Beefeater 5 burner BBQ will make you the envy of your family and friends

The Cabinex ™ 5 Burner Outdoor Kitchen is the ideal size grill for the average family. Entertaining is just so easy with everything you need at your fingertips, meaning you’ll enjoy those moments with family and friends more often.  

The total measurements for this kitchen: Width: 2815mm Depth: 670mm Height (without BBQ): 570mm

Grill surface: 4608 sq cm

Power Output: 95 MJ

The Cabinex ™ Beefeater 1600S Series 5 Burner Outdoor Kitchen is covered by a Full 5 years Manufacturer’s Guarantee on all parts and components.

  • 118L Bar Fridge – The Cabinex ™ bar fridge is powered by a G Compressor, is designed for outdoor undercover use, and features an adjustable digital thermostat. The triple-glazed glass door retains cool temperature in the fridge and cuts down UV while the self-closing door with low-E film reduces condensation. With adjustable shelves and internal LED lights. 
  • Adjustable feet – Adjustable feet on all cabinets mean that leveling your outdoor kitchen is simple and easy. With patios having a fall for water drainage, these adjustable feet are imperative to leveling and perfecting your outdoor kitchen.
  • Materials – Cabinex ™ has combined high-quality materials expected by the chef in all of us. Surfaces that are nice to touch and easy to clean. There is no need to worry about scratches, stains, or traces of heat. 
  • Black Porcelain Bench Tops and Waterfall Ends – Waterproof and resistant to scratching, high-temperature ad UV rays, these bench tops are designed and built to withstand the variable European climate from heavy rain to hot sunny days.
  • Aluminum Frame – The Cabinex ™ patented aluminum framing system provides the core structure of our outdoor kitchens. Combined with waterproof PVC panels for a rigid and robust cabinetry solution that is easily assembled. 
  • AirFrame – For added safety, there is an integrated AirFrame included as part of the BBQ module. The AirFrame is a combination on noncombustible thermal boards and Aluminium framing, which produces an air gap to provide a heat-proof shield between the BBQ and the cabinetry. 
  • Mixer Tap – Our Cabinex ™ Gooseneck Matte Black WRAS Certified Mixer tap gives your outdoor kitchen a modern, contemporary look and feel. The outdoor kitchen mixer tap is designed for full hands, the long spout enables you to use your elbows if you need to move the spout out of the way. The 360-degree swivel function makes this an efficient tap for your outdoor kitchen.
  • Sink – Our Cabinex ™ Matte Black sink is made of stainless steel for a robust finish and design. Featuring a convenient drainer and basket waste plug.
  • Self-Assembly – Units come packed for self-assembly.
  • Assembly instructions – Comes with full assembly instructions and all necessary fixtures and fittings.
  • 5-year guarantee – Full manufacturer’s 5-year guarantee on all parts and components.


The total measurements for this kitchen: Width: 2815mm Depth: 670mm Height (without BBQ): 570mm

Grill surface: 4608 sq cm

Power Output: 95 MJ

The total measurements for this kitchen:

Width: 2815mm

Depth: 670mm

Height (without BBQ) 570mm



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New Grill Owner Unboxing Agreement

Good Morning/Afternoon,

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thanks for purchasing a new grill from PrimeCookout. We appreciate your business and look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Here are a few tips for unboxing your new grill:

1.  Please visually scan your Grill prior to it being unloaded from the delivery Van. If you see any damage don't accept it.

2.  This is a curb-side delivery only. It is like this to avoid damaging your property/belongings.

3.  If you are not able to scan the grill on the delivery truck (you're not home, someone received it or you) Dont worry, you or someone you trust are at the stage of unboxing your grill. 


A. Cut the white/black strap     

B. Remove the cardboard lid     

C. Remove the cardboard box that goes around the Grill, AVOID KNIVES     

D. Now you can see your Grill on the pallet all around. Now you need to inspect  for any damages before you remove it from the pallet.     

E: If you see any bent or dented damages to your grill it is not your fault, Please take a  photo and send it to us right away to along with your Name and order  Number we will reply to you right away and start working on your case     

F. If there is any damage to your Grill we will works very fast solving issues 

5. Now number 4 was followed and your New Grill looks great. You are ready to remove from the pallet you will need two people to do this next step.      

 A. You and the other person will need to lift the grill clearly from the pallet avoiding the skirting of the grill to make contact with the wood pallet.

We have also attached a video of how to unboxing the Whistler Grill.

Watch the video here >

How to season a gas grill for the first time


Before we dive into the nitty gritty, what does it actually mean to season a grill? And before you ask, no, it doesn't mean sprinkling your favorite herbs and spices onto the grates. 

'Seasoning, also known as ‘curing’, is usually done by heating the metal grates, adding oil, then allowing it to cool and absorb, 'Doing so will protect your grill from rust and extend its life.'

The process of heating and oiling the grates will keep your barbecue operating at its best while also making it easier to clean your grill after cooking. It's recommended that you find time to do this after every use but, just as you'd season a brand-new frying pan before cooking, it's especially important to season a gas grill the first time you use it. 


If you haven't used your brand new grill before, neither has anyone else. This means the grates won't have been oiled, heated, or have cooked any food until now. Seasoning a grillfor the first time, therefore, is a bit like training it in preparation for its first meal. 

'In some cases, cast iron and carbon steel cooking grates will be very vulnerable to rust if heated and cooled down multiple times,' explains Dan. 'Seasoning an uncoated cooking grate will lock in protective oils that will help extend the cooking grates life and help it to work better.'

Besides making your grates last longer, seasoning is also essential for that smoky outdoor barbecue flavor we all crave. 'It's important to season a grill before using it for the first time not only because it helps protect the grill grates from rust, but it also improves the flavor of the food, Seasoned grates will also help you achieve those perfect grill marks, too. 



Even if they're brand-new, it's always a good idea to give your grates a quick clean in the kitchen to remove any dust or debris that's collected from being sat in storage. If you're seasoning a grill you've used before, you'll need to clean the grates with a wire brush. Once clean, place your grates on the grill and turn it up to a medium heat. 


After ten minutes (or once the grill is sufficiently hot) apply a small amount of oil - just enough to cover the entire surface. 'Use your brush to spread the oil over the grates, making sure you apply a thin, even layer,' says Dan. High-smoke point oils such as canola and peanut oil work best, but coconut oil or standard vegetable oil will work just as well. Turn the grill to high heat for around 15 minutes to allow the oil to cure. Make sure you wear protective gloves for this step. 


When the oil reaches its smoking point (around 15 minutes) turn off the barbecue and let the cooking grates cool. You might want to repeat the oiling process again for a brand-new grill.


Finally, once your grates are cool, wipe away any excess oil from the surface using a cloth or rag. You are now ready to start grilling.

Now you've seasoned your gas grill for the first time, the alfresco dining can officially commence. Those long evenings cooking feasts for friends in your outdoor kitchen are just around the corner... At last!