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Grandhall E-Grill

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Grandhall E-Grill is a handy compact & portable infra-red electric grill that is perfectly designed for balconies and small terraces and also easily generates as much heat as a conventional gas barbecue, ensuring that meat seals more quickly and thus stays more juicy and tasty.

Grandhall E-grill Electric barbecue.

The E-Grill is a tabletop electric portable barbeque perfect for small apartments or patios. Powered by electricity the E-grill is cheap to run, easy to use and convenient. With its lightweight and portable nature the E-Grill is great for camping trips and vacations. Unique for an electric barbeque, the E-grill uses halogen tube elements which emit intense radiant infrared heat. The E-Grill is hot enough to cook steak within minutes, and large enough for a small family.

Additional information

WEIGHT 15 kg
DIMENSIONS 55 × 43 × 22 cm
BARBECUETYPE Electric barbecue
COLOR Black, Silver
IGNITOR Electric


– 750W x 2 halogen tube elements.

– 1500W total performance.

– Cooking area: 30 x 45 cm.

– Porcelain coated cast iron cooking grid.

– Stainless steel construction.

– Including for free: non-stick wipes 6 pcs.

– Weight: 11 Kgs.

– Width: 55 cm. x Height: 23 cm. x Depth: 41 cm.

How do the E-grill elements work?:

The E-grill has two tube elements containing tungsten filament suspended in halogen gas. Electricity is conducted through the tungsten filament which slowly evaporates, the halogen gas carries the evaporated tungsten particles back to the filament and re-deposits them, giving the elements a longer life span. The tube elements create an intense infrared heat which is amplified through reflector panels placed directly underneath the elements. Halogen tube elements are hotter than regular electrothermal tube and the cooking grid temperatures can reach up too 300°C before our safety device is activated.

How does infrared work?:

The E-grill cooking system offers high heat output using infrared tube elements and reflectors. The infrared system emulates the sun’s rays, where heat is transferred and absorbed by an object without physical contact. With this system the infrared heat penetrates food more thoroughly resulting in more even cooking and longer heat retention.

What are the advantages?:

A conventional gas grill heats first by direct heat transfer and second by circulating hot air around the food. This process often causes dry food from the hot air. Infrared energy has the opposite effect, sending the infrared heat deep into the food leaving the moisture intact. This process enhances flavor and creates a succulence that is difficult to replicate with other cooking systems.

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