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Operating Hours: Monday to Friday: 9 am - 5 pm Contact Information: Phone: 📞 01865 570148 Email: Note: If the phone lines are busy, please send us an email for a prompt response.

DeliVita Wood-Fired Pizza Oven - Emerald Fire

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SKU Emerald Fire
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DeliVita Wood-Fired Pizza Oven 

Turn Your Backyard into an Italian Pizzeria!

The DeliVita Wood-Fired Oven in Blaze Orange isn't just a pizza oven, its also perfect for cooking steaks, fish, vegetables and much more; it's a statement piece that transforms your backyard into a gathering place for friends and family. With its quick heating time, you can entertain guests with delicious wood-fired pizzas, and its versatility means you can get creative with your culinary creations.


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DeliVita Wood-Fired Oven PROMOTION INCLUDES:








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Whether you're a pizza enthusiast, a foodie, or simply someone who loves spending time outdoors, the DeliVita Wood-Fired Pizza Oven is the perfect addition to your home. Imagine the joy of cooking your favorite wood-fired dishes under the open sky, surrounded by the aroma of delicious food and the warmth of a crackling fire.

DeliVita Wood-Fired Oven - Hale Grey

The award-winning tabletop oven can be used as a modern BBQ, hot smoker, or tandoor. Every bite has a unique flavour that only comes from cooking with wood.

  • Professional-grade wood-fired oven
  • Ideal garden pizza oven
  • Restaurant-quality outdoor wood-fired pizza oven
  • Premium build, handmade in Yorkshire
  • Tabletop design, easy to set up and transport
  • Unique design, available in 8 colours
  • Reaches temperature of 550°C in 25 minutes

Key Features:

Authentic Wood-Fired Taste: Experience the flavours of Italy with the DeliVita Wood-Fired Pizza Oven. This oven is designed to reach temperatures of up to 550°C, allowing you to cook Neapolitan-style pizzas with a crispy, blistered crust and a smoky, wood-fired flavor.

Handcrafted Elegance: Each DeliVita Pizza Oven is a work of art, meticulously handcrafted in the UK using the finest materials. Its unique, stylish design will be a centerpiece in your outdoor space.

Quick and Efficient: Thanks to its superior insulation, the DeliVita Pizza Oven heats up in just 25 minutes, ensuring you can enjoy your favourite wood-fired dishes without the long wait.

Versatility: Beyond pizza, this oven can handle a wide range of dishes - from perfectly roasted vegetables and succulent meats to fresh bread and desserts. Expand your culinary horizons in your own backyard.

Portable and Easy to Use: DeliVita ovens are surprisingly lightweight, making them easy to move and store. The user-friendly design means you don't need to be a professional chef to create amazing wood-fired dishes.

Eco-Friendly: This oven is made from sustainable materials and uses minimal fuel, making it an environmentally responsible choice for outdoor cooking.

DeliVita Wood-Fired Pizza Oven GREY Flames


The standard DeliVita oven has a cooking area of 540mm x 500mm. That’s big enough for a 12′′ pizza, spatchcock chicken, whole sea bass, leg of lamb, joint of beef, or veggie roast. Get professional results every time, whatever you’re cooking.


The DeliVita wood-fired oven is part of our range of handmade, artisan outdoor ovens inspired by Italy and handmade in Yorkshire. The unique tabletop design makes transporting your DeliVita wood-fired oven easy, bringing the pizza party wherever you go.

Why Choose DeliVita?

Quality Craftsmanship: Each DeliVita Pizza Oven is carefully handmade by skilled artisans using time-honored techniques and premium materials.

Speed and Efficiency: With its exceptional insulation, this oven heats up quickly, allowing you to start cooking within 25 minutes.

Versatility: From pizza to roasts and even desserts, the DeliVita Pizza Oven is a versatile cooking tool that lets you explore a world of flavors.

Eco-Friendly: DeliVita is committed to sustainability, using eco-friendly materials and minimizing fuel consumption.

Stylish Design: The DeliVita Pizza Oven is not just a cooking tool; it's a beautiful piece of outdoor décor that will enhance your space.

Customer Reviews:

_"I can't get enough of my DeliVita Wood-Fired Pizza Oven! The authentic taste it brings to my pizzas is simply unmatched." - Sarah R._

_"The DeliVita Pizza Oven has become the heart of our backyard. We use it for family dinners, parties, and even date nights. Highly recommended!" - Mark D._

Order Your DeliVita Wood-Fired Pizza Oven Today

Don't miss out on the opportunity to bring the flavours of Italy to your backyard. Order your DeliVita Wood-Fired Pizza Oven today and start enjoying the authentic taste and experience of wood-fired cooking in your own outdoor paradise.

Experience the DeliVita difference. Order now and elevate your outdoor cooking game.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I clean and maintain the DeliVita Wood-Fired Pizza Oven?

Proper care and maintenance are essential for the longevity of your DeliVita Pizza Oven. Please refer to our detailed care guide provided with your purchase for step-by-step instructions.

Can I use the DeliVita Pizza Oven all year round?

Yes, you can! The DeliVita Pizza Oven is designed to withstand various weather conditions. However, we recommend using the included waterproof cover to protect it from the elements when not in use.

What kind of wood or charcoal should I use?

Hardwood or hardwood lump charcoal is recommended for the best results. Avoid using treated or chemically-treated woods, as they can produce unwanted flavors.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, DeliVita offers a 5-year warranty on our wood-fired pizza ovens. Please refer to our warranty policy for more details.


Quite simply, the flavour. Pizzas have been cooked in wood-fired ovens for centuries. The combination of heat and smoke gives wood-fired pizza an incredible - and inimitable - taste. The DeliVita wood-fired oven can reach temperatures of up to 550ºC, enabling you to cook a pizza in a minute. Cater for a large party faster than ever before.


Absolutely! The DeliVita is a genuinely portable wood-fired pizza oven that can be safely transported anywhere it’s required. It’s like having your own portable pizza restaurant. You’ll need a stable base for the portable wood-fired oven. Be sure to check that it can take the weight and cope with high temperatures of up to 550º. The small footprint and lightweight of the DeliVita wood-fired oven make it truly portable and the ideal choice for outside entertaining.


Garden wood-fired pizza ovens like the DeliVita cook pizza the way it was meant to be. Reaching temperatures of up to 550º, pizzas can cook in less than a minute. The bases are crispy, the cheese is golden, and your choice of toppings is finished to perfection. It’s restaurant-quality pizza cooked in the traditional Italian style in your home or garden.


Yes! DeliVita wood-fired ovens are suitable for cooking all types of food, including meat, fish, and vegetables. You can cook directly on the clay base or use a pan, skillet, or suitable baking tray. Use your inspiration to test new recipes and tried and tested classics. Every mouthful will be full of the unmistakable flavour you only get when cooking with wood.


We’ve spent years developing our range of award-winning, wood-fired, and dual-fuel outdoor ovens. Customers tell us the DeliVita wood-fired over delivers the highest quality cooking experience, producing restaurant-quality results every time. The DeliVita wood-fired oven is a modern twist on a classic design. Available in a range of colours, you can select the DeliVita pizza oven that suits your style. Inspired by Italy and handcrafted in Yorkshire, it’s the world’s best wood-fired oven.

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How to season a gas grill for the first time

Unlock the Secrets of Grill Seasoning! 🔥🔧

Ever wondered what it means to season a grill? 🤔 No, it's not about sprinkling herbs and spices, but a crucial process known as 'curing.' Heating the metal grates, adding oil, and letting it cool helps protect your grill from rust and extends its life.

Why Season Your Grill Before the First Use?
When your brand-new grill hasn't met fire, neither have its grates. Seasoning is like training it for its inaugural feast. Uncoated grates, especially cast iron and carbon steel, are prone to rust without this protective process. Locking in oils not only prolongs their life but also enhances grill marks and imparts that smoky outdoor barbecue flavor we all love.

How to Season Your Grill for the First Time: 🌟

  1. Place your clean grate on the barbecue over medium heat: Clean brand-new grates or those collected dust need a quick kitchen cleanup. For used grills, a wire brush is essential.
  2. When hot, apply a small amount of oil: After 10 minutes of heating, apply oil evenly. Canola or peanut oil works best, but coconut or vegetable oil is fine. Turn the grill to high heat for 15 minutes to let the oil cure.
  3. Let the grates cool: Once the oil reaches its smoking point, turn off the barbecue, and let the grates cool. You may repeat the oiling process for a brand-new grill.
  4. Wipe away excess oil: After cooling, wipe any excess oil with a cloth or rag. Your grill is now seasoned and ready for action!

📽️ Watch a helpful video on grill seasoning here: Grill Seasoning Tutorial

Now that your gas grill is seasoned, get ready for alfresco dining! Those evenings of cooking feasts for friends in your outdoor kitchen are just around the corner. Cheers to memorable grilling experiences! 🍔🌞 #GrillSeasoning #OutdoorCooking #GrillMaster

Charcoal Grill vs Gas Grill: A Comprehensive Comparison

When deciding between a charcoal grill and a gas grill, it's essential to weigh the pros and cons to make the right choice for your outdoor cooking adventures. Let's break down the key differences with detailed bullet points and a helpful video link to guide you through the decision-making process.

Charcoal Grill:


  • Flavorful Experience: Charcoal grills impart a distinct smoky flavor to your dishes, enhancing the overall taste.
  • High Heat Output: Capable of reaching high temperatures, ideal for achieving the perfect sear on meats.
  • Versatility in Fuel: Options like briquettes or lump charcoal allow for experimentation with different flavors.
  • Affordability: Charcoal grills are often more budget-friendly, making them accessible to a wide range of users.


  • Longer Heat-Up Time: Takes more time to reach the desired cooking temperature compared to gas grills.
  • Temperature Control Challenges: Maintaining precise temperature control can be more challenging.
  • Cleanup Requirements: Disposing of ash and cleaning can be more involved.

Gas Grill:


  • Quick Start: Gas grills heat up rapidly, allowing for almost instant cooking.
  • Precise Temperature Control: Offers more accurate temperature control, suitable for various cooking styles.
  • Convenience: No need to deal with charcoal; simply turn on the gas and start cooking.
  • Ease of Cleanup: Generates less mess, with minimal ash and residue.


  • Flavor Differences: While convenient, gas grills may not provide the same smoky flavor as charcoal.
  • Higher Initial Cost: Typically has a higher upfront cost compared to charcoal grills.
  • Dependency on Fuel Source: Requires propane or natural gas, limiting portability compared to charcoal.


Choosing between a charcoal and gas grill is a personal decision based on your preferences and lifestyle. To help you visualize the comparison, watch this informative video: Charcoal vs Gas Grill Guide.

Consider your priorities, whether it's the traditional smoky taste of charcoal or the quick convenience of gas, and embark on a flavorful outdoor cooking journey. Happy grilling!

We offer Free Shipping to Mainland UK, For Shipping out side the UK please contact us beforehand.

We offer Free Shipping to Mainland UK, For Shipping out side the UK please contact us beforehand.

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