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Fontana Piero Build In Gas & Wood Fired Pizza Oven

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Now you have the choice to use an outdoor oven with the convenience of gas or with the flavour of fragrant that wood embers deliver with this Piero pizza oven. The weekend with all the time available, you can savour the dishes cooked with the taste of the tradition of the wood-burning oven. During midweek dinners, when the times are tighter, you can count on a gas-powered oven that within 10 minutes is already at the right temperature to make the most tasty pizzas! The Fontana Piero pizza oven can operate both with wood and gas without the need to reassemble the pizza oven.

True pizza requires temperatures that conventional kitchen ovens cannot reach. Fontana’s Piero can reach temperatures over 400ºc, allowing cooking results worthy of the most expert professional pizza chef! A compact but generous dimensions of the Piero oven kitchen means that is can comfortably hold up to two pizzas.  This can easily be integrated into an existing outdoor kitchen thanks to its excellent insulation.

Only stones of the most performing refractory material and certified for food use are used in the Piero. The thickness and ideal composition of the clay are the secret for perfect dishes and pizzas. Stone plays a decisive role thanks to its ability to combine heat and a dry environment. This creates the ideal environment for the cooking of foods.

Features and Specifications:

  • Chimney diameter: 140mm
  • External dimensions: 54 depth x 82 width x 104cm height
  • Weight: 135kg
  • Cooking chamber size: 40 x 60 x 34cm

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