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Grizzly Ovens Complete including the trolly & Cover

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Grizzly Ovens complete including the trolley & Cover

Meet the Outdoor Oven Oven that does it all The Grizzly Cubster.

The Cubster is the ultimate out door kitchen oven, It can Cook Low and Slow, Smoke Meat or Fish and can cook Pizza as good as any Pizza oven. The Grizzly Cubster's unique hopper fed system allows for the oven to maintain heat over long periods allowing you to cook low & slow. Don't worry it can cook fast as high and fast as well. The oven is manufactured in the UK to high standards and is robust and built to last. So if you want the outdoor life style and need an oven that is versatile when it comes to cooking a variety of foods then this is the oven for you. 

Outdoor cooking with charcoal

Meet the Grizzly Cubsterfor those looking for the same great quality and versatility of cooking outdoors but in a small more compact unit.

  • BBQ Cooking Oven
  • Slow and Long Cooking
  • Outdoor Cooking
  • Pizza Oven
  • Smoker

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