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MO-EL Heatwave Aaren 2400W Infrared Heater (Black)

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Medium wave lenght IR-B infrared heater Aaren is the brand new type of heaters. It combines the elegance of the hot-top line with the immediacy and effectiveness of infrared lamps. Aaren is combined with the Schott Nextrema® glass 4 mm thick. This glass-ceramic, resistant to thermal shocks, has an ir-b medium-wave infrared transparency of almost 90%, while on the contrary it is opaque to the rays of the spectrum visible to the human eye.

Exclusive design – indoor and outdoor – pleasant and immediate heat with minimum visual impact.

Each heater is equipped with 2 infrared lamps and the installer can make the connection so that they can also be turned on separately, thus offering the possibility of half-power use at times when this is sufficient.

IP Protection rate IP55
Dimensions in mm 930*250*75
Weight 6,2 kg
Power 1800
Power of supply 220-230 V 50-60 Hz
Insulating Class I
Cable H05SS-F 4*1,5 mm / 3 m
Master Box 1 PC
Metel Code MOE967V
Lamps features Carbon Fibre
Luminous Spectrum IR-B
Lamps Power 2×1200 W
Structure Anodized Aluminium 6060
Rotation / inclination Adjustable Inclination
Colour Black
Certificate CE
Total consumption 2400 W
SKU 967V