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Naples Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven

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Naples wood fired oven

The Naples wood fired oven has been designed to be compact and make best use of space.  With a small footprint, it’s the ideal outdoor oven for households with limited space.

This multi-purpose oven is built with 5cm ceramic fibre insulation and 3cm thick fire brick floor tiles.  That means it can quickly reach a temperature of 400°C within 15 minutes, maintaining its heat consistently so you get great results from your wood fired cooking.

With clever positioning of the oven door and your kiln dried hardwood fuel, you can use the oven to perform a variety of different cooking methods.

Key features

Features include:

  • Mobile stand for greater stability and easy storage
  • Flat base for safe, easy mounting on heat-proof outdoor kitchen surfaces
  • Spacious 60cm x 55cm cooking floor size
  • Assemble manual and user guide.

The oven is super easy to light.  All you need is one of our Woodson fire lighters and kiln dried hardwood.  Our user guide shows you how to get your oven safely and efficiently lit.  It’s also really easy to manage and use with our pizza peel set.

Maintenance is really simple too.  You can quickly clean your oven by brushing the fire brick tiles down with our stainless steel brush and wiping down the exterior with oven cleaner.

The oven also comes with a base shelf for wood storage, so you can keep your wood close at hand when using it.

Your oven comes with a step by step assembly guide, user manual and of course the peace of mind of our three year warranty.

Size Specification

Height: 1970cm

Width: 74cm

Depth: 70cm

Cooking Floor: 60cm x 55cm

Total Weight: 66kg