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Open Mon-Saturday 9am-5pm | Same Day Inquiry... 📞 01865 570148 ✉️ / Best to send an email if the lines are busy.

DeliVita Pizza Oven Orange Blaze Wood-Fired Chefs Collection

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SKU 1650

The starter collection includes Delivita oven and accessories as well as organic dough.


  • Delivita Oven
  • Oven door (1100)
  • All weather cover (1206)
  • Black Iron Dish (1401)
  • Leather Glove (1509)
  • Oven brush (1204)
  • Prod & Blow (1205)
  • Fired Recipe Book (1213)
  • Taster Wood Pack

Good to know!

 From the acceptable late-night to the tremendously deluxe pizza, these delectable creations can only be achieved with the right set of tools. That is why the Delivita Wood-Fired Chef bundle is here to embellish your oven with the appropriate kit to master these flavourful meals - buy now and save over £103. This bundle includes the Delivita All Weather Cover, the Delivita Oven Brush, the Delivita Prodder and Blower, the Delivita Oven Door, the Delivita Black Iron Dish, the Delivita Leather Glove and the ‘Fired’ Recipe Book. Pizza Tools the Delivita Oven brush allows you to quickly and easily clean and brush out any debris from other pizzas left behind in your pizza oven after cooking. Regular cleaning of your Delivita oven with this long-handled brush ensures the flavour of your pizzas are not affected by any burnt foods left behind from previous pizzas. This premium quality cast iron tray by Delivita will offer delicious results for searing, frying or roasting. For hundreds of years, cooks have used cast iron utensils for high heat cooking. It’s tough, reliable, and cherished. It withstands high heat without warping and the tray stays hot in and out of the oven. When cooking steak, preheat the cast iron tray while the fire is heating the oven. By the time you are ready to cook, the cast iron surface will create a beautiful sear.

The Delivita Oven Door will transform your DeliVita wood-fired oven, allowing you to smoke, bake and roast. Crafted from stainless steel and with a beechwood handle, you can create yummy smoked swordfish or a simple sourdough bread. The choice is yours!

The Delivita All Weather cover will ensure your oven is protected throughout the seasons. Tested in the Yorkshire Dales, it can withstand the best of British weather! Protect your hands while barbecuing with premium quality Delivita Leather Gloves. The high-quality leather provides a firm, strong grip of barbecue accessories and protects you from the heat of the oven. Made by hand and using carefully selected sturdy Italian buffalo leather, our luxury DeliVita leather glove is extremely flexible and comfortable to wear. They are made to help take hot items out of the DeliVita wood-fired oven and have been tested to sustain >250C.

The Delivita Prodder and Blower helps you manage a perfect burn in the DeliVita wood-fired oven. Whether you need a roaring flame or a sizzling simmer, these can be managed with these tools! The long olive wood handle ensures you can move around easily and then blow through to get the flame going. 

Founded in 2016 by uncle and niece team duo, Joe Formisano and Olivia Robinson, Delivita was developed to inspire passion for wood-fired outdoor cooking, and bring families and friends together to share fun, relaxed meals. They have always been passionate about handmade pizza, but quickly came to realise that there wasn't a domestic oven that was hot enough to make the perfect pizza. Joe and Liv designed the oven in collaboration with their Italian family, but while the design may be Italian, all DeliVita products are 100% British and handmade in Yorkshire. Each oven goes through a five-day production process, ensuring the highest quality and standards are met. 

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