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Outdoor Chef Dual Chef Stainless Steel 425 Gas

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With the new Dualchef product line we’ve set new standards in gas grill stations. In the field of user-friendliness, flexibility and design, for example, it was important to bring a breath of fresh air into the market with the D-Line.

That’s why we put special emphasis on a modern and elegant look when developing the Dualchef grills. Of course you want to increase the comfort and safety even when operating the grill, so that a problem-free handling of gas is given. The new features were finally put together in a package called by Outdoor Chef Dual Gourmet System (DGS).

The highlights of the outdoor chef Dualchef  415 G at a glance:
4 DGS twin burners and DGS protection bars for a perfect heat distribution
DGS Zone Divider – easy division of the grill chamber into 2 zones
DGS Heat Diffuser – Perfect rotisserie dishes without rear burner
Safety Light System (SLS) for all rotary knobs
One recognises at first glance that this grill contains many exciting innovations that are just waiting to be discovered by you.

The OUTDOORCHEF Dualchef STAINLESS STEEL 425 Gas one of many in the new Rectangular range of Barbecue’s from Outdoorchef. The BBQ is equipped with the new Dual Gourmet System and 4 main burners and 1 side burner. The DGS system consists of several barbecue zones and separately controllable temperature controllers. From now on you can easily prepare several dishes at the same time, for example a homemade pizza, slow cooked pulled pork and a tasty piece of meat! And with the integrated thermometers, you can read the temperature without lifting the lid.

The barbecue also has a double-walled lid, is equipped with an electronic ignition and has a safety system for all burners. Besides the endless possibilities it is also a picture to see!


  • Stainless steel DGS® ZONE DIVIDER*
  • Stainless steel DGS® HEAT DIFFUSER*
  • 4 stainless steel DGS® TWIN BURNERS with electric one-touch ignition
  • Stainless steel DGS® PROTECTION BARS
  • SAFETY LIGHT SYSTEM (SLS) including power supply
  • Gas bottle (< 8 kg) can be stowed in the base frame
  • Cast-iron barbecue grid and chrome-plated warming rack
  • Double-walled porcelain enamelled barbecue cover with cast aluminium side panels and 2 integrated thermometers
  • 4 castor wheels, 2 of which are lockable
  • 1 side cooking plate

Dual Gourmet System

With the Dual Gourmet System your BBQ is split in two. For example, put an Outdoorchef pizza stone on one side and choose to hang the Rottiserie on the other side. Thanks to the removable Zone Divider, taste and odour remain separate, and you can also set 2 different temperatures. No problem so if you want to cook slowly on one side at a low temperature and also want to cook hamburgers quickly.

Grid: 81.2 x 44.0 cm
Cooking height: 95 cm
Weight: 85.6 kg
Dimensions in cm: W 159 / 105 × D 63 x H 123
Burner output: 19.4 kW



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