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Outdoorchef Ascona All Black 570 Gas BBQ

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The Outdoorchef Ascona All Black 570 Gas BBQ is manufactured with style and finesse for that designer feel and will not only look good catering for all your garden parties but will deliver great results! The Ascona All Black 570 barbecue creates the perfect conditions for uncomplicated, varied and healthy barbecue enjoyment.

1 x Outdoorchef Ascona All Black 570 Gas BBQ

Outdoorchef Ascona All Black 570 Gas BBQ Features:
- Double ring burner system 
- From 0 to 360°c in 10 minutes
- Slow cooking setting (100 degrees)
- Electric one-touch ignition
- Unique funnel system with even heat distribution, no need to turn the food to be grilled, no harmful flare-ups
- Porcelain-enamelled kettle, funnel and barbecue grid
- Easy cleaning
- 2 large plastic wheels for easy transport
- 2 front feet with adjustable height for ground surface
- Bottom solid wood shelf
- Removable fat tray for easy cleaning 
- 2 Year Warranty

Outdoorchef Ascona All Black 570 Gas BBQ Dimensions:
Device Dimensions: (W) 67cm (D) 97cm (H) 106cm
Working Height: 86cm
Net Weight: 29.1kg
Grill Surface: Ø57cm (diameter)
Power (kW) / Consumption (g/h)
Burner Kettle : 9.7kW / 702g/h

Outdoorchef Funnel System


The Ascona All Black 570 Gas BBQ impresses with a high degree of functionality and ease of use. It is not for nothing that the Ascona All Black 570 is a best seller for Outdoorchef.

Whether grilling, cooking or baking, the unique funnel system ensures even heat distribution within the ball and prevents harmful grease fires, as the burners are completely shielded. Dripping fat does not ignite, it runs along the porcelain-enamelled funnel into the drip tray under the ball. So nothing can burn anymore. Hosts can relax and devote themselves to their guests while the grill specialties are grilled to perfection, as no turning is required. Meat, fish & vegetables stay particularly juicy, tender and crunchy. Because some of the fat and meat juice hitting the funnel evaporates, meat, fish and vegetables acquire an inimitable grill flavour. 

The double ring burner system with electric multiple ignition integrated into the twist grip can be regulated separately and enables a wide range of applications. Pizza, tarte flambée or bread in stone oven quality can be achieved at up to 360 degrees. But it doesn’t always have to be “full throttle”: When using the small burner, the food is grilled particularly gently at low temperatures of around 100 degrees – the best prerequisites for buttery-tender XL pieces of meat such as roast beef, tomahawk or rib eye in one piece.

Since the interior of the gas kettle grill stays clean thanks to the funnel, cleaning is also easy: heat up, brush off the grate and funnel, rinse the drip tray, done!

By turning the funnel to the volcano position, you can work with very high, concentrated heat from below, perfect for Outdoorchef accessories such as the barbecue wok, the aroma pan, the cast iron plate or the plancha (see 'Choose Extras' above).

The unique funnel system guarantees even heat distribution on this compact gas kettle barbecue. Targeted application of heat ensures food is cooked evenly. For juicy and flavoursome results. From meat to crispy pizza or paella from the barbecue, there are no limits to culinary creativity.

When Mike Lingwood invented the gas kettle barbecue over twenty years ago, he was aiming to create something better than simply a barbecue. He dreamt of a healthy and varied barbecue culture, bringing people a unique outdoor cooking experience. The gas kettle barbecue became a worldwide success, making Outdoorchef famous. Innovations such as the intelligent funnel to protect from flare-ups together with a wide range of multi-purpose accessories are allowing our barbecue culture to be celebrated by more and more people.

With its gas, charcoal and electric barbecues, Outdoorchef is now an established player in the international market. Driven by the brand’s increasingly large following, Outdoorchef‘s engineers and technicians pursue a single goal: continuing to develop this barbecue culture with enthusiasm and a passion for innovation.

Barbequing with gas has lots of advantages. The burner systems heat the barbecue to the desired temperatures within 10 minutes. The knobs allow very quick and easy adjustment of the temperature and the barbecue reacts quickly to any change in the heat setting. And thanks to the clever Outdoorchef solutions, you can also grill, cook and bake on our gas barbecues with perfect results.

We also sell lots of Outdoorchef accessories to use with your Ascona All Black 570 Gas BBQ so you'll be cooking delicious meals with maximum pleasure with minimum effort. To help you maintain your BBQ a protective cover is recommended to extend the life span considerably. See 'Choose Extras' above for a range of accessories that you can purchase to get the best out of your Outdoorchef cooking experience.




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