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Open Mon-Saturday 9am-5pm | Same Day Inquiry... 📞 01865570148 ✉️ / Best to send an email if the lines are busy.

PEVA LM65 - charcoal oven

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£6,999.00 - £6,999.00
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This heavy duty Peva Charcoal burning oven allows you to create the authentic flavour of charcoal cooked food. It can be used as a grill for cooking steaks etc or as an Oven using a variety of shelf height settings - making it ideal for Restaurants, Pubs, Hotels and Outside kitchens or Mobile catering. The heavy duty construction will gives you years of service.

Heavy duty steel construction with cast iron fire grate - will give years of use without distorting
Oven size - 400w x 400d x 300h
Grill rack size - 330w x 370d
Oven interior is made of 304 stainless steel
6 grilling rack height settings allows you to cook a range of products - either grilling or roasting
Oven racks are removable for easy cleaning
Fitted as standard with internal Firebreak - prevents fire and sparks exiting the oven and going into the extract canopy
Fire grate is made of cast iron - long life and doesn't distort with heat
Oven is supplied with 2 air flow regulator valves allowing you to control the oven temperature to suit your needs - it can be shut down to conserve fuel when oven is not being used
Fully insulated oven and firebox - reduces heat loss and reduces fuel consumption
Door seal fitted to reduce heat loss
Supplied with dial thermometer
Grease collection trough lies underneath the grilling rack so grease can be collected and then it runs into a removable grease drawer - this aids cleaning but also prevents burning fat/oil from tainting the food being cooked
Removable fire grate and ash collection tray allows easy cleaning
Supplied with 1 x V groove stainless steel cooking grid
Options; Extraction Hood. Base units, Cooking grids, Painted door - please ring office for Prices
Please note all charcoal ovens must be sited under an extraction canopy , ideally dedicated to the charcoal oven, with a large enough extract capacity to fully remove all fumes exhausted from the oven to the outside atmosphere - please contact office for details.
Compact Charcoal oven with 304 stainless steel interior and cast iron fire grate

Ovens size; 400w x 400d x 300h

Grilling area; 330w x 370d

Dims; 650w x 920d x 730h