PP33-20 330mm Diameter Pizza Press

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This Italian manufactured PP33-20 pizza press can be easily used by non-specialised operators and is designed to reduce man hours, produce consistent pizza bases and can be used to make flatbreads and chapattis.

High Output - Lift up guard allows quick and easy loading
Plates - Non adhesive Chrome plated Heated top and lower plates
Pizza diameter - Will press a pizza upto 330mm in diameter with rim around the edge
Pizza thickness - Adjustable distance between plates upto 105mm.
Dough weight - Can press a dough ball with a weight 250 - 270 grams
Lighting - Double lighting to increase internal visibility
Energy saving - The fast heat up times and quick conductivity of aluminium allows the plate temperature to be set lower than on standard models 130ºC instead of 170°C this improves the quality of the pizza base
Press time - adjustable between 0.1 to 1.5 seconds
Temperature setting of plates - each plate is individually heated and has a digital temperature readout - temperature range is 130°C to 170°C
Safety - machine will only operate when the safety guard is down and activates the safety switch
Construction - Stainless steel to all exposed surfaces

Pizza press diameter = 330mm - max dough weight = 250 grams

Dims; 470w x 660d x 830h

Electric; 4.75kw - 230v - 22amp


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