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Spit on Fire Carousel JR200

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Consisting of:

  • Spit On Fire Rotisserie Ring 
  • The Spit on Fire Carousel Large

The Spit on Fire is a rotisserie with a stainless steel rotating spit and electric motor that can handle a weight up to 20 kilos. For example, where you can grill a whole chicken. The uniqueness of The Spit on Fire is that it allows you to use your Weber Summit as a grill. The spit is made of durable 304 stainless steel. This is thicker at the front and thinner at the back of the BBQ. This ensures that the lid of the Weber Summit can still be closed with the spit in it and that the insulating properties are retained.

Suitable for:

  • Primo Junior 200


Material: Durable 304 'stainless steel'
Connection: 220V with Uk plug
Including: 2 spit clamps
Plug cable length: 1.5 meters
Max. weight: 20 kg
SKU Sipt on JR200