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Supreme Wood Fired Pizza Oven

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The Supreme wood-fired pizza oven is a beautifully handmade, fully-insulated, oven made using high-quality refractory material clay. To achieve high-temperature cooking and to have the ability to retain the heat too for slow cooking the refractory clay oven is then layered with rock wool, expanded clay and finished with a special cork coating on the outside. The cork coating on the outside finishes the thermal properties - in fact, the oven is so efficient you can touch the outside of the oven whilst at full temperature without burning yourself. This amazing fully insulated oven is made by craftsmen and still made by hand using high-quality refractory products to guarantee durability, efficiency and total customer satisfaction. In addition to pizza, the royal oven will allow you to cook a host of other foods - Tandoor style cooking, bread, slow-cooked food, slow roasts, kebabs and even BBQ. Crackling on a Pork joint is the best you have ever had! Our wood-fired ovens are designed to give you many years of pleasure and enjoyment! You can have hours of fun with this oven, surprise your friends and start serving some healthy gourmet pizzas at your next BBQ.

  • Completely assembled and ready to fire up
  • Incredible Insulation - fast heat up & retains heat
  • Five layers of insulation
  • Perfect for cooking Pizza in 60 seconds
  • High-quality double opening stainless steel door
  • Amazing oven for slow cooker recipes
  • Clay oven certificate for food contact
Weight (Kg) 200
Overall Height (A) 750mm
Overall Width (B) 900mm
Overall Depth (C) 900mm
Cooking Area 700mm Diameter
SKU PO2290