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Tramontina stainless steel barbecue flatware set with brown Polywood handles and wood case, 4pc set

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The 'churrasco' barbecue style is almost as old as Brazil. The art of roasting meat over embers began back in the 17th century, when the country was in its colonial period. More precisely in the South, in a region known as the Pampas. This is where the gauchos live, the people responsible for creating the 'churrasco' and making everyone's mouth water. In the old days, the meat would be prepared on wooden spits and roast over a pit fire. Nowadays, the tradition is maintained by Tramontina, also born in the South of Brazil. The company has a complete line of spits, cooking grates, knives, grills, and all you need to make a typical Brazilian 'churrasco'.
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