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Whistler Bibury and Burford Ceramic Briquette Trays

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Designed to offer you the benefits of both gas and charcoal cooking, ceramic
briquettes distribute heat evenly throughout your grill and are great at retaining heat,
reducing the amount of energy it takes to keep your BBQ hot. With many beneficial features such as being long lasting and self-cleaning, as well as a great food flavouring tool, ceramic briquettes are a great solution to heat disbursement and retention.

How to use: Swap the flame tamer over to a Ceramic Briquette Tray (use as many trays as you’d like across the grill) then put the cooking grate back on top. Switch the BBQ on as usual and allow the briquettes to heat up, these should change in colour once hot enough. Once these are fully heated, you can start cooking as normal. You may even choose to turn the gas down or turn off completely, depending on what you’re cooking.

Product dimension: 433 x 53.5 x 23.7mm
Material: Stainless Steel 304
Thickness: 1.5MM
One Tray: 16 briquettes
Suitable for: Whistler Bibury and Burford models

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