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Whistler Grills Burford Side Burner 3

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Whistler Grills Burford Side Burner 3

For use with 300 & 400 Built-In Grills.

The Whistler Grills Burford Side Burner 3 is constructed from 304 stainless steel. This double side burner is styled around the Whistler Grills Prime 400 and 300 models, but will suit any outdoor kitchen installation. The Whistler Prime Built In Side Burner features two brass burners emitting 24,000 BTUs total. Two blue LED lights illuminate the ignition knobs. Durable 7.5 mm stainless grates can handle pots of any weight. Comes standard with stainless lid to help protect against the elements.


Height: 22.86cm
Width : 33.97cm
Depth : 51.05cm 

Cut Out Dimensions 

Height: 22.86cm
Width : 31.75cm
Depth : 51.43cm 

Your choice of masonry can be used for cabinet construction for the built-in gas grill; however it must be non-combustible material. Keep in mind when choosing a location for your grill that it should NOT be located under any overhead combustible construction. COUNTERTOP OVERHANG The control panel is designed to sit flush against the enclosure front wall. If the non-combustible enclosure countertop extends beyond the front wall, creating a countertop overhang, it must be cut flush with the front wall for the width of the control panel or a gap will be created exposing the forward portions of the left and right side grill fire walls.